SENSE/STAGE WORKSHOP No.2 Creating Interactive Architecture SENSE/STAGE WORKSHOP No.2 Connected Close-Up SENSE/STAGE HARDWARE MiniBee Rev. A SENSE/STAGE WORKSHOP No.1 Treasure Islands by Sarah Albu, Matt Waddell, Matti Niinimäki SENSE/STAGE WORKSHOP No.1 Sketching A Project

Designed for Quick Development and Deployment of Sensor-Based Artistic Projects

SenseStage is a fully integrated hardware and software infrastructure that is intuitive to use for artists and designers, is scaleable to many nodes and performs data acquisition, transmission, conditioning, sharing and compositional tasks all within the same system.

The project consists of three components:

Wireless Sensor Hardware

A series of small, battery powered wireless PCBs that can be worn on the wrist, sewn into clothing, or embedded in objects. They can acquire and transmit input from a range of analog and digital sensors.


Data Sharing Environment

An open source software environment that enables the real-time sharing of such sensor data among designers. Collaborators subscribe to any data streams they want to use, and supply data streams of their own for use by other collaborators.


Real-Time Control Of Media

In development are modules that enable the analysis of such sensor data streams in order to provide building blocks for the generation of complex dynamics for output media.