Configuring the host computer

In order to have a computer run the host of the DataNetwork, it must be configured to act as a webserver.


Linux – Apache setup for the SenseWorld Data Network

You need to install a webserver such as Apache on the host system (package apache2 on Debian/Ubuntu).
The general files will be put in /var/www. You have to make this directory writable by the user by executing (as root)

$ cd /var/www
$ chmod 775 .
$ chgrp netdev .

Assuming that the user running SuperCollider is member of the group netdev.
You can check this by:

$ groups

To add yourself to the group, execute as root (with instead of “nescivi” your username):

$ adduser nescivi netdev

You may need to logout and log back in for this to take effect.

You should also make sure that apache is running. The following command should give you a number of processes named apache2

$ ps -A | grep apache

If it is not running, you can start it with (path shown as it is on Debian)

$ (sudo) /etc/init.d/apache2 start

Setup on OSX

On OSX the default path for http files is: /Library/WebServer/Documents/. You
may have to enable “Web Sharing” in the “Sharing” settings in the System


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