Creating a host from SuperCollider

How to use SuperCollider

Code in SuperCollider is executed by putting the cursor on the line, or selecting a block of text, and pressing:

  • On OSX: [Enter] (this is the one next to the spacebar or on the numpad), or Cmd-[Return], or Shift-[Return], or Cmd-C.
  • On Linux: [C-c C-c] (in Emacs/scel), F5 (in scvim), or Ctrl-E (in gedit/sced).
  • On Windows: Ctrl-[Enter]

Preparing the host computer

Before you try to create a host in SuperCollider, you have to make sure that the user running the software can create a file on the computer that other computers can access via http. How to do this is described in the helpfile “[SW_Apache_setup]“, to view this helpfile, execute the following code in SuperCollider:


You can also check out this site if you are on OSX.

Starting the DataNetwork in SuperCollider

Now in order to create a host within SuperCollider, you execute this code:

// create a network:
x =;
// create the host:

To create a graphical user interface for the DataNetwork execute:


Now you can start connecting clients to the host.


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