Enactive spaces – workshop in Amsterdam

During the Pattern+Pleasure festival of STEIM the workshop “Enactive Spaces” will be taking place in the Frascati theater in the heart of Amsterdam.

“The rooms and spaces we inhabit are often just an ambient backdrop for our daily activities. How can we step into a dialogue with our environments and make their forms and patterns communicate? How would these spaces behave? In this workshop we will collaboratively explore the potential of the spaces at Frascati theater as a reactive environment with an intelligence of its own. The result of our efforts will be the reinterpretation of the space into a large-scale interactive installation utilizing sound, touch, movement, and light.”

During this 6 hour long workshop, we will transform three sites in Frascati into enactive spaces that react to the presence of humans and changes in the environment, utilising the Sense/Stage technology.

Time: September 26 – 13.00 to 19.00
Location: Frascati theater, Nes 63, Amsterdam

Registration at the STEIM website