Installing SuperCollider

For the DataNetwork host or the SuperCollider client, you will need to install SuperCollider. This page provides you with some basic information to guide you through the installation process.


If you just want to use the DataNetwork host, it is recommended to use the Standalone version, which is an adapted version of SuperCollider which automatically starts up the DataNetwork host.

To install SuperCollider itself, do the following:

  • Get the download package from SourceForge for your version of OSX.
  • You can either take the package “with extras”, or without.
  • If you choose the package “with extras”, do not install the “Quarks” from the package, as you will need to get the latest version of the Quarks. This can be done by following the steps here.
  • You will also need to ensure that you have subversion installed on your machine. This can be done by typing svn help in a Terminal window. In version 10.6 subversion is normally available.
  • For realtime plotting, GNUPlot is used, which you can install via MacPorts.

On OSX, SuperCollider is an application, which is an editor frontend with the SuperCollider interpreter embedded. You can use another editor as well under OSX (such as emacs/scel or scvim), but this is slightly more complicated to set up.


On Linux you have several options for installation:

  • Get the source download package from SourceForge. Follow the guidelines for building SuperCollider that come with the package.
  • Get the source from svn, and build from there: svn co SuperCollider3.
  • From a package for your distribution. These are available for Ubuntu, Pure:Dyne, and PlanetCCRMA (Fedora).

In order to install the Quarks, you will need subversion, which can be installed with your Linux distribution package manager.

Note that on Linux, you have a choice for different editor frontends: emacs (scel), vi (scvim) or gedit (sced).


Get the installer for Windows from SourceForge, and follow the instructions in the download package.

Follow these guidelines to get the Quarks, needed for the SenseWorld DataNetwork, installed on Windows.


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