libdatanetwork – compiling and installing

libdatanetwork is a C++ library to help you make a C++ based client to the SenseWorld DataNetwork.

To build the library, you need (see below for specific instructions on OSX):

scons (build tool) —
pkgconfig (library search and configuration tool)
liblo (osc library) —
libcurl (curl library) —

To build, just type:

$ scons

and the library will build, including an example program

$ scons install

will install the library to /usr/local/lib,
and the include files to /usr/local/include

$ scons install PREFIX=/my/alternative/install/dir

will install the library to /my/alternative/install/dir/lib,
and the include files to /my/alternative/install/dir/include

To build documentation, you can do

$ doxygen

which will create HTML and Latex based documents using Doxygen

An example application is automatically built from the examples/ folder and put into bin/ during the build process.

Start the example with:

$ ./bin/datanetwork_example 7000 example being the ip-address of the DataNetwork server
7000 the port that the example client will be using
example the name by which the client will be identified in the DataNetwork


On OSX install the dependencies with:

$ sudo port install scons liblo curl pkgconfig

and build with:

$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig/ PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/bin/ scons


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