MiniBee (revA) – programming the bootloader

Before the firmware can be uploaded to the board, a bootloader needs to be present on the board. This section describes how the bootloader can be programmed onto the board. This only needs to be done once; depending on how you obtained your board, the bootloader may already have been programmed onto the board.

  • Soldering
    • 2 pin female header to RX/TX
    • 2 pin female header to 3.3V / GND
    • female headers to pin D11, D12, D13
  • You need:
    • A programmer board to fit the board on
    • A USB adapter
    • AVR mkII – avr programmer
  • While programming the bootloader, you must hold a wire to the reset pin. This is to work around an omission in the revA design.
  • Use the Arduino programming software
    • Set the board type to LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega 168.
    • Choose “Program Bootloader” with “AVR ISP mkII”
    • On Ubuntu Linux you must run the Arduino software as root in order to do this


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