PureData – installation and general usage

Installation of DataNetwork abstractions

PureData client download

Unpack the gzip tarball, either with a graphical client, or from the command line:

$ tar -xzf ssdn_puredata.tar.gz

To make the DataNetwork abstractions available to the Pure Data environment, you must add them to your path. Start by moving the ssdn_puredata folder to wherever you usually keep Pd libraries (on OSX this tends to be ~/Library/Pd/). Then, open Pure Data and make sure that this folder is in your list of search paths for patches (Pd menu -> Preferences -> path).

VoilĂ , your patches are ready to use!

NOTE: The SenseStage project uses Pd-Extended and might not jive with vanilla Pd.

General Usage of DataNetwork patches

The abstractions that provide connectivity with a SenseWorld DataNetwork host are called dn.node and dn.makenode.

dn.node is used to subscribe to other nodes on the network. You may then use the data generated by your subscriptions as inputs to your Pd patch.
Example: subscribing to a light sensor on stage to control the sound level of background music.

dn.makenode is used to publish a node to the network. This allows you to create streams of data to which other clients may subscribe. You can even take data from other nodes, process it, and then publish the results as new streams of data.
Example: subscribing to an accelerometer worn by a dancer, performing analysis of the data to extract events, and then publishing these events for use by collaborators.


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