Customizing the MiniBee firmware

While the default firmware supports a lot of common sensors and actuators, in some cases you may want to customize the firmware to do something specific, e.g. when you have a sensor that is not covered by the default firmware, or when you want to perform some data parsing on the board. This page will [...]

Preparing the Arduino IDE for use with SenseStage

We have created some special definitions for the SenseStage boards to use within Arduino. These adaptations are necessary for revision B of the SenseStage MiniBee, as this revision uses a different clock than any of the default Arduino boards. For revision A, you can select to use the “LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega168″ or “Arduino Pro [...]

Firmware – wireless configuration with the MiniBee firmware library

Supported sensors and actuators
The MiniBee firmware library allows you to use most common sensors without having to reprogram the boards.
The sensor and actuation options supported by the library are:

Analog sensors (connected to the analog input pins, e.g. resistive sensors, analog accelerometers, infrared distance sensors)
Digital sensors (on/off, e.g. buttons and switches)
Two wire interface (TWI or I2C) [...]