libdatanetwork – overview and manual

Classes you should use in your client program:

create an instance
createOSC() - to set up the OSC connection
debug() - to turn on and off some debugging messages
registerMe() - to register the client
query() - query what is in the network

Node interaction:

updateNode() - update the values of a node once
subscribeNode() - subscribe to a node
unSubscribeNode() - unsubscribe from a node
getNode() - get a reference to the [...]

libdatanetwork – compiling and installing

libdatanetwork is a C++ library to help you make a C++ based client to the SenseWorld DataNetwork.
To build the library, you need (see below for specific instructions on OSX):
scons (build tool) — www.scons.org
pkgconfig (library search and configuration tool)
liblo (osc library) — liblo.sourceforge.net
libcurl (curl library) — curl.haxx.se/libcurl
To build, just [...]