Max5 – installation and general usage

Installation of DataNetwork abstractions
Max5 client download
Unpack the gzip tarball, either with a graphical client, or from the command line:
$ tar -xzf ssdn_max5.tar.gz
To make the DataNetwork abstractions available to the Max5 environment, you must add them to your file preferences.
Start by moving the ssdn_max5 folder to wherever you usually keep Max5 libraries.
Then, add the DataNetwork abstractions [...]

Detailed Documentation of the Max5 Client

Tutorial A: Help Patches

The senseworld server is already running (the Max5 patches won’t be useful without an operational server). If you haven’t gotten the server going, please refer to its documentation and get it up and running.
You must know the IP address of the datanetwork server.

Getting started

Look at dn.makenode.tutorial in the ssdn_max5 folder. It gives [...]

Max5 Client: Simple

The Max5 clients for the SSDN take the form of two abstractions: dn.node and dn.makenode
To subscribe to a node:

Create an object in your patch with the text pv dn-host <IP>, replacing <IP> with the IP address of the SSDN host (something like pv dn-host
Create an instance of the dn.node [...]