Atmosphere is a total sensory environment combining coloured light, sound, infrared heat and haze. Over a 20 minute cycle, sudden bursts of light, sound and heat transform the main FOFA gallery into a synesthetic space fluctuating between dense overload and contemplative reflection. Exploring what architecture critic Mark Wigley calls “an architecture of atmosphere,” a sensuous climate of ephemeral yet, tangibly felt effects envelop visitors, probing the ways in which the just perceivable opens up our experience of noise and order, sense and sensation.

Sonobotanics – Montreal edition

Sonobotanics is still a widely unknown science; it studies plants whose life experience is predominantly in the auditory domain. Since the 1970’s Dr. Hortensia Audactor has carried out the core research in this area. Despite difficulties encountered in the publication of her results, she has collected a substantial body of research about the growth patterns, communication behavior, and other characteristics of these plants.

Just Noticeable Difference #1 – Semblance

JND/Semblance is an interactive installation that explores the phenomenon of cross modal perception: the ways in which one sense impression affects our perception of another sense.

M.A.R.I.N. and A.P.I.

In two artistic projects dealing with environmental data, M.A.R.I.N. and Arctic Perspective Initiative (API), the SenseStage MiniBees were used to gather environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, light and air quality, as well as 3-axis acceleration.


Chronotopia is a dance theater re-imagining of the one of the oldest Indian epic poems: the Tamil epic Silappatikaram. Attakkalari’s multi-media dance production is an episodical journey, which explores the movement of five performers through a physical and emotional landscape of contemporary life: birth, love, marriage, war, devastation, death and transformation.