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The SenseStage workshop is meant to bring together people from different disciplines (dance, theatre, sound, video, light) and cooperate in a collaborative environment with interactive technologies.

During the workshop projects will be created that involve real time data gathered from sensors on the body and in the room, in a performance installation context. The projects created by the diļ¬€erent work groups should be open for merging or combining with the projects from other work groups. The outcome of the workshop will be one or more short interactive performance sequences.


Enactive spaces – workshop in Amsterdam

26/09/2011 - 26/09/2011
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

During the Pattern+Pleasure festival of STEIM the workshop “Enactive Spaces” will be taking place in the Frascati theater in the heart of Amsterdam.
“The rooms and spaces we inhabit are often just an ambient backdrop for our daily activities. How can we step into a dialogue with our environments and make their forms and patterns communicate? [...]


M.A.R.I.N. WORKSHOP: Environmental Sensors and Sensor Networks in Media Art

07/03/2011 - 12/03/2011
Camp PIxelache, Suomenlinna (close to Helsinki), Finland

The Pixelache workshop with M.A.R.I.N. brings together artists and developers working with environmental sensors which are either connected as a network or log their data. During the workshop we will set up a sensor network on Suomenlinna island. The main focus will be on Xbee networking, data retrieval and storage. How does context of media [...]


Sense/Stage Workshop #4 – at KiberPipa

26/02/2011 - 04/03/2011
KyberPipa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In this workshop the Sense/Stage framework will be presented, both hardware and software, and up to 10 participants will collaborate on projects during the week.
During the workshop the new revision (rev B) of the SenseStage MiniBees will be used.


Sense/Stage Workshop #3

18/09/2010 - 19/09/2010
SuperCollider Pre-Symposium Workshops, Berlin, Germany

During the workshop an introduction will be given to the whole framework and how to work with it within SuperCollider. By the end of the workshop we should have created one or more collaborative projects. There will be some wireless sensing nodes available with some sensors and actuators attached, but you are also free to [...]


Sense/Stage Workshop #2

15/02/2010 - 19/02/2010
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The second Sense/Stage Workshop was held in February 2010. A group of Architecture students of Prof. Patrick Harrop from the Architecture Department of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg came over to Montreal to work on their class projects, using the SenseStage infrastructure.
Patrick Harrop on his class:

This project begins with the simple question of sensing [...]


Sense/Stage Workshop #1

16/05/2009 - 23/05/2009
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The first Sense/Stage Workshop was held at Concordia University on May 16, 2009. It lasted one week, had 20 participants coming from various programs at Concordia, such as Design and Computation Arts, Electro-acoustics, Intermedia and Cyber Arts, Theatre and Dance.
In 5 groups, the participants created 5 projects over the course of one week; the first [...]