Using the OSX standalone host

Before you start up the OSX standalone host, you have to make sure that your network settings are configured correctly:

  • In the System Preferences under “Sharing” you have to have “Web Sharing” enabled.
  • Make sure that you have your network configured (in “Network Preferences”) correctly for the project, e.g. to your LAN (local area network) or with a proper fixed IP address.

Once you have these things configured, you can start the application by double-clicking on it.

The DataNetwork host will now startup and wait for clients to connect.

You can now:

In order to connect a client, the client must know the IP-address of the machine running the DataNetwork host. This IP can be found in the left bottom corner in the DataNetwork corner, and will look something like:, depending on what IP-address you have configured the machine to (in “Network Preferences”).

You can see which clients are connected to the DataNetwork by clicking on the “View clients” button in the left bottom corner GUI.

You can see which nodes are active by clicking on the “View data nodes” button in the left bottom corner GUI.


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