Sense/Stage Workshop #2

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The second Sense/Stage Workshop was held in February 2010. A group of Architecture students of Prof. Patrick Harrop from the Architecture Department of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg came over to Montreal to work on their class projects, using the SenseStage infrastructure.

Patrick Harrop on his class:

This project begins with the simple question of sensing immaterial phenomena through our built environment. In particular, it focuses on the consequence of sensing of a phenomenological condition through the auspices of an architectural membrane. A fundamental truth of light and sound is that they need both medium and time for them to register in the phenomenal field. It could be argued that architecture stands as primary example of the possibilities of this medium:

The work presented hear deals with a practice of sensing and recording temporal and immaterial phenomenon through the membrane of an environment, creating a modulated composition from these recordings and through notational drawing creating a material proposal to re create these modulations in a building proposal.

Participants in the workshop:

More information:

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